Jessica Wynn-Grant

Jessica Clarke head shotJess was born in England, but identifies as a Bay Area native at heart. She has been with SOS4Students since 2014 and has coached elementary schoolers to college students across the Bay Area in all three of our office locations. She hires and trains new coaches, as well as, completes intake calls for families interested in services.

In 2014, she earned her Master’s Degree in Special Education and teaching credential from Loyola Marymount University and it wasn’t until she had this expertise that she was able to define her lifelong struggles with dyscalculia, a math-related learning disability. She uses her personal experiences to relate to her students and make her coaching fun, accessible and practical.

Jess spent four years as a Special Day Class teacher and Department Chair of a wide-range of special education programs at a public high school in Oakland, where she gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies of Special Education Law and skills to be a case manager and advocate. She is currently getting a Master’s Degree in Social Work, with a concentration in Community Mental Health, to be able to serve students’ social and emotional needs, as well as academic.

When Jess is not coaching or in the classroom, you can find her running Bay Area trails, teaching yoga or practicing her Spanish language skills!

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