Summer Is an Opportunity to Help Your Student Get Ready for the School Year to Come

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June is always tough for me, which seems contrary to what you'd expect since students are wrapping up school, my schedule is temporarily lighter, 504s and IEPs are done, and often I receive good news that students have closed the semester in a far better place than they where started. The truth is, though, that I feel like an empty nester!

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My 12th graders are headed off to the “real” world of college, jobs, and gap programs. While I continue to work with some of these students when they are in college, for others it's time to say goodbye. I've had the privilege of working with some of my seniors since they were 13 or 14, and I feel confident that I'm sending them off ready to launch successfully. But I'll miss them, no question.

Meanwhile, our elementary school families worry about middle school, multiple teachers, and monster projects ahead. Families of 8th graders recognize that the shift to high school and its increased demands is critical for them to address. Often there's a significant disconnect in what the local middle school classes require and the college-like expectations of new high school instructors.

Worried parents fret about the following (among other concerns, of course):

  • Will my child have the skills to plan, prioritize, and seek out help next year?
  • Are his/her writing skills up to par? (Rumor has it that high school essays are complicated!)
  • What study habits need to be improved to ensure my child's success?
  • Can I count on him/her to jumpstart homework and get it turned in without my involvement?
  • Is it possible for me to back off helping with organization and time management?

Summer is an Opportunity

I like the peace of the summer days—the long hours of sunshine combined with seeing students who are more rested and less stressed, unfettered by homework and afterschool demands. It's a great time to build some new study skills and to give the frontal lobes a booster shot of strategies and tools to help students move forward with greater confidence and efficiency.

At SOS4Students, we've got something for ever student this summer, from customized 1-on-1 coaching sessions for specific skill building to intensive workshops that focus on helping students make a successful transition to the next grade. So whether you're the parent of a middle schooler or high schooler, grab the opportunity this summer to help your child get ready for the year to come without the pressure of daily homework.

SOS4Students Summer Workshops & Coaching

Check out our workshop and summer coaching offerings and come on board! Space is limited, so sign up your student today so he/she doesn’t miss out.

  • All workshops held at Tilden Prep (Walnut Creek Campus) except "Writing Rx" and "Write On" which are held at Orinda Academy. 
  • Summer coaching is available at our Walnut Creek and Montclair District offices.

Middle School Workshops

Mastering Middle School empowers students entering sixth grade. Students learn invaluable skills to tackle the demands of multiple teachers and more complex assignments.

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6th - 8th GradesMake sure your child is prepared for the essay-writing challenges ahead with Write On, where we cover essay fundamentals for middle school students.

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7th & 8th GradeMiddle School Blitz gives your students the strategies they need to have control over their time and workload. Prepare your student to balance classwork, homework and outside activities.

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High School Workshops

9th GradeNailing Ninth Grade prepares your student for a successful transition to high school. Students come away with an invaluable toolbox of study strategies they will use every day.

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9th - 11th GradesWriting RX teaches students an easily replicable system for expository essay writing. Students leave confident and prepared to tackle the complex writing assignments that high school demands.

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9th - 11th GradesSecrets of Successful Note Taking demystifies the note taking process. Students learn techniques to take effective notes and use their notes to prepare for tests and papers.

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Summer Coaching

6th - 12th GradesCan't make the workshop you need? Does your student benefit from more individualized attention? All ages (even after high school) and abilities benefit from the one-on-one summer coaching sessions with our seasoned coaches.

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