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February 25, 2015

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Sign up for any SOS 4 Students Summer Workshop before April 1, 2015 and get one free admission to "Is That Me Yelling?" with Rona Renner on April 13.

SOS 4 Students Presents: "Is That Me Yelling?"

Ways to Stop Losing Your Cool and Improve Communication with Your Teen

If you and your teen argue over social media use, grades, getting homework done, curfews, study time, procrastination, and preparing for college, then "Is That Me Yelling?" with author, educator, health care professional, and leading authority on parenting Rona Renner may be just what you need.

Based on her new book of the same title, "Is That Me Yelling?" offers practical solutions designed to help you communicate effectively and compassionately with your child.

Best-selling author, speaker, and physician Deepak Chopra, MD, said of Renner's book, "A parent's responsibility is to facilitate the development of their child's consciousness. Thanks to Rona Renner's insightful book, parents now have tools to help accomplish this."

rona renner

WHEN: Monday, April 13, 2015 at 7:30 pm
WHERE: Orinda Academy, 19 Altarinda Rd, Orinda, CA 94563

Attendees will learn how to identify the reasons behind their frustrations and how to handle stressful situations while staying calm, clear, and firm.

This 90-minute presentation will include a question & answer session and is sponsored by SOS 4 Students in partnership with Orinda Academy (www.orindaacademy.org).

Orinda Academy

Learn more and register online at www.sos4students.com/presents-rona-renner.

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Ten Reasons Why Coaching Our Clients Rocks

SOS 4 Students loves to . . .


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  1. Help families get more support from their schools!
  2. Hear students say, "I never took notes like that before! It's really helpful!"
  3. Work with students from middle school through high school and watch them graduate and head into the world with confidence.
  4. Work with a team of gifted and incredibly committed coaches who are dedicated to helping teens succeed.
  5. See a 10-year-old discover that using a planner makes figuring out what to do and when to do it so much easier.
  6. Show students how to reinvent the way they study for tests to save time and improve their scores.
  7. Advocate for students so everyone on their team understands better how they learn.
  8. Find an organizational system that really works for a student with a long history of crumpled papers and misplaced assignments.
  9. Have students realize that online lists of assignments do not substitute for planners!
  10. Teach lifelong study skills that can be applied in high school, college, and beyond!

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SOS Summer Programs: Work Smarter, Not Harder

It's not too early to be thinking about signing up your child for one of our hands-on summer workshops and summer coaching.

Registration is now open for SOS's slate of summer workshops and coaching for Middle School and High School Students. Students who participate in SOS 4 Students summer programs develop a better understanding of how they learn best and how the approaches they've been using either have or have not contributed to their performance. Students learn about best study practices and tools, including ways to take notes, plan projects, track their work, and write multi-paragraph essays in a timely manner.

Summer Workshops


Is your child ready for middle school? This intensive 3.5-hour master workshop prepares incoming 6th grade students to make a successful transition next fall. Includes student master workshop, parent meeting, and student follow-up session. Learn More 

Fast-paced, hands-on 3-hour blitz through critical study strategies designed to give middle school students control over their time and their workload. Learn More

Sign up for any SOS 4 Students Summer Workshop before April 1, 2015 and get one free admission to "Is That Me Yelling?" with Rona Renner on April 13.

How prepared is your middle school student for the challenges of 9th grade? As academic demands and workloads increase, 9th graders often find themselves overwhelmed and under prepared. We teach what it takes to make a successful transition. Twelve hours of instruction and coaching include a weekend intensive for students, a parent follow-up meeting, and two follow-up student meetings in the fall. Learn More

Are you concerned that your middle school student doesn’t know how to organize and execute a five paragraph essay? Make sure your child is prepared now for the writing challenges ahead. Learn More

WRITING RX (Grades 9, 10, 11)
Everything your student needs to know about expository writing for high school. We provide hands-on writing practice and critical tips for mastering essay exams. Workbook and snacks included. Learn More

SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL NOTE TAKING (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12) Effective note taking is an essential skill students must learn by the time they reach 9th grade, but many never get trained. This program teaches them how. Learn More


Summer Coaching

With SOS 4 Students summer coaching, students receive one-one-one individualized instruction with a focus on area/s of need the student has identified. Typically the coaching relationship focusses on strengthening organization, writing skills, reading comprehension, memory techniques, and time management, with a focus on prep for those entering college in September. Learn More

Sign Up Now

Signing up for a summer program is easy and can be done online . . . but hurry, start dates will be here sooner than you think and spaces fill fast.

If you can't decide what summer program would be best for your child, call us for more information at 510-531-4767 or email questions to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Marcie Dompier or Beth Samuelson can help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Learn More: Summer Workshops | Summer Coaching

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We Want to Hear from YOU!

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Post your questions on our Facebook page or send them to us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll try to answer as many as we can in this space with each issue of the newsletter, and will follow-up one-on-one if a particular question might be better addressed that way.

Ask Beth

Dear Beth:

How much should I be managing my 7th grade son's work at home? We've just started requiring him to use his planner but it's slow going and he is not remembering. We've set up a rewards system but I feel like we keep having to start from scratch because his progress with organization is so slow. We have a 504 in place but it doesn't say much at all except that he gets extended time on tests and preferential seating. The other day, he left class with a completed test in his backpack so now it's showing as a zero online. What do you recommend?

Signed: Frustrated and At Wits End

Dear At Wits End:

The scenario you describe one of the most common ones we see in our offices: weak or ineffectual 504 plans, middle school boys (or even high school students) who don't know what is due or when, who can't find their important papers, and who have problems finding a planning system that works.

While online reporting systems are designed to keep us up-to-date, they can also lead to panicked parents who see missing grades and begin to feel everything is spiraling out of control. Add in emails from teachers, and it can all get a bit overwhelming.

Middle school boys, especially those with ADHD, learning disabilities, and organizational challenges, often struggle with managing the paper work that comes at them daily. It has nothing to do with native intelligence. This affects students across the board.

Recently, one professional commented to me that it’s bizarre that we are still overloading students with hard copies to be completed and brought back to school instead of allowing students with organizational challenges to complete work online and submit it via Google Drive or Drop Box. After all, online work is the wave of the near future.

In the meantime, here are a few simple suggestions that can help you now:

  • Create an after school routine that looks like this: 1) Take out planner, 2) Check planner against online information; 3) Put all due dates, upcoming tests, appointments, and other activities in the planner; 4) Make a to-do list on paper or on a whiteboard for the day and cross off items when finished.
  • Ask teachers to cue the student to check his backpack for work before assuming it is not in and giving a zero. If a test is not handed in and the student was there for the test, the first obvious place it would be is the backpack or notebook. The cue to look (hand on shoulder, whisper in ear) so as not to embarrass is essential.
  • Have a folder the student chooses where work in progress (to turn in and to do) lives. All notes, graded work, syllabi, and other papers not currently in progress need to be stored in the binder or accordion folder or removed from the backpack entirely. In general, no student should be walking around with papers from bygone units circa September 2014 at this point. Old papers just clog up the backpack and make it harder to find current work.
  • Improving the 504 is another necessity. One step in that direction is to update the 504 coordinator regarding your son's current needs. Make additional suggestions for accommodations, such as a one-day extension for late work (as it may simply be temporarily misplaced) or adding in the idea of the teacher cueing the student. Then arrange a meeting to review it all.

Good luck . . . and remember, patience is required with middle school students and change is not overnight.

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Mark Your Calendars: EdRev 2015 is April 25

edrev 2015Parents of teens with learning and attention differences will find EdRev 2015 a unique day of information, resources, and celebration.

This day-long program at AT&T Park in San Francisco features workshops and activities for kids and parents, plus keynote speaker Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California.

WHAT: EdRev 2015 - Reimagine the Learning Journey
WHEN: Saturday, April 25, 2015, 8:45 am to 4:00 pm
WHERE: AT& T Park in San Francisco

This event is free for students and educators.

For information on the event, visit www.edrevsf.org.

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