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Tips for New College Students

  1. Set up a class schedule that is going to work for your sleep patterns - if you are not an early morning person, don’t book 8 am classes.
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep a night. Work out an agreement with your roommates about lights out.
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Customized Coaching

Students work 1:1 with SOS coaches to improve organization, time management, project planning and execution, paper writing, note taking, test preparation, and more.

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Convenient Locations

Support for families in the Bay Area and beyond.

• Oakland (Montclair Dist)
• Walnut Creek/Lafayette

Coaching also available online!


Upcoming Events

Winter 2020 Workshops
Middle School Booster (FULL)
(February 8, 2020)
Secrets of Successful Note Taking (FULL)
(February 8, 2020)
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