Vivian Fritzler

Russ Whismore HeadshotVivian Fritzler is a dedicated educator who is passionate about instilling in her students a love for learning. She believes that given the right environment all learners have the ability to thrive; she guides students to have positive and cognitively challenging experiences by setting clear goals and high expectations as well as providing meaningful feedback.

Vivian began her career as a Teach for America corp member and obtained her Master's in Education from Dominican University. She has spent over the last decade working in private and public school institutions with English language learners, teaching Language and Literature to elementary and high school students, and leading a team of high school teachers as English Department Chair. Additionally, Vivian has studied and worked in Iowa City, Chicago and Buenos Aires. These diverse fieldwork experiences have enabled her to quickly adapt to different cultures and objectives.

In her free time, Vivian enjoys practicing yoga, reading and listening to audio books, traveling, hiking in Patagonia, and spending time with her loved ones.

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