2021 Fall Workshop Descriptions

Registration is OPEN for all Fall Workshops.

  • In-Person Workshops held at Lafayette Library (Lafayette, CA)

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Middle School

6thgrade bluebulletSaturday, September 25: Middle School Booster is a fast-paced workshop designed to make middle school easier to manage for your student. Middle School Booster teaches students to meet academic challenges, plan for multi-step projects and papers, develop self-advocacy skills, take notes effectively, manage their time, and deal with distractions such as cell phones and computers. In-Person

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High School

9th - 12th Grades

Executive Brain Bootcamp – a couple of spots have opened for our September 25 session of this popular workshop for high school students. Don't miss out! This and our October 16 session will be the last offering of Executive Brain Boot Camp until February 2022. In-Person

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Executive Function Saturday! Sign up your high school student for both of these essential executive function workshops (held October 16, 2021) and receive a 10% discount off the combined enrollment fee. See either workshop listing for more details.

9th - 12th Grades

NEW! October 16 Session: Executive Brain Bootcamp teaches the executive functioning skills and strategies high school students need to jumpstart complex tasks on their own, develop efficient systems for planning and prioritizing, decipher multistep directions, become better organized both on- and offline, and juggle numerous assignments. They also learn about the workings of the executive brain and how various strategies boost academic performance and efficiency. In-Person

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9th - 12th Grades

NEW! October 16 Session: Secrets of Successful Note Taking develops dependable executive functioning strategies that students can turn to again and again to make their reading, class, and study time more productive. In this workshop, we demystify the note taking process by teaching techniques for different learning styles, giving students effective methods for different classes, explaining how to use notes most effectively for tests and papers, and providing best practices for textbooks, videos, and lectures. In-Person

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School Year Coaching

8 - 12 Grades and College

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: Online or In-Person, students work 1:1 with SOS4Students coaches to improve organization, time management, paper writing, note taking, test preparation, and more. For students entering grades 8 to 12 and college.

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