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  • Executive Function, Study Strategy, and Skills Booster Student Workshops
  • Parent Workshops
  • In-Person Workshops held at Lafayette Library (Lafayette, CA)

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NEW! Workshop for Parents and Their Rising 6th Graders

6th GradersPartnering for Middle School Success

August 6, 2022: Middle school is a big transition for students and parents. Partnering for Middle School Success helps students learn to navigate their new world and gain independence while parents learn how to step back and let students take the lead. In-Person Learn More & Register

Middle School

6th Graders

Mastering Middle SchoolJuly 29 & July 30, 2022: Mastering Middle School is an intensive master workshop that prepares and teaches incoming 6th graders everything they need to know for a successful transition to middle school by providing strategies and tools to fill the gaps where schools fall short. In-Person Learn More & Register

6th to 8thGradesWrite On

July 25, July 26, & July 27, 2022: Write On’s writing formula frees students from reinventing the wheel with every new writing assignment, and builds their confidence to tackle essays regardless of the topic. Students learn how to evaluate, use, and analyze evidence in their writing. In-Person Learn More & Register

7th to 8thGradesMiddle School Blitz

August 5 & August 6, 2022: Middle School Blitz teaches students entering grades 7 & 8 the essential study strategies they need to manage increasingly complex homework, long-term assignments, and outside activities. (Students who missed Mastering Middle School as incoming 6th graders or who would benefit from a refresher prior to 7th or 8th grade, are encouraged to enroll.) In-Person Learn More & Register

High School

9th GradeNailing Ninth

July 29 & July 30, 2022 (plus follow-up session, finals prep, and parent webinar): Nailing Ninth Grade prepares students and parents for the transition from middle school to high school, including what to do and what not to do and how to handle increased work loads and work more independently. In-Person Learn More & Register

9th - 12th GradesWriting Rx

July 25, July 26, & July 27, 2022: Writing Rx gives high school students the tools and strategies they need to take charge of their expository writing, including ways to overcome writer’s block, organize paragraphs and essays, and gather and validate supporting evidence. In-Person Learn More & Register

10th - 12th GradesSecrets of Successful Note Taking

August 6, 2022: Secrets of Successful Note Taking demystifies the essential skill of note taking best practices for textbooks, videos, and lectures, making reading and class time more productive. Students learn how to use their notes effectively for studying, test preparation, and papers. In-Person Learn More & Register

10th - 12th GradesExecutive Brain Bootcamp

August 5, 2022: Executive Brain Bootcamp teaches the executive functioning skills and strategies high school students need to jumpstart complex tasks, plan and prioritize, decipher multistep directions, become better organized both on- and offline, and juggle numerous assignments. In-Person  Learn More & Register

Summer Coaching

8 - 12 Grades and CollegeSOS Summer Coaching

REGISTER NOW: Summer Coaching with SOS4Students is a great way to build or hone executive function and study strategy skills for the upcoming school year. Coaching during the summer months keeps students on the ball and gives them an edge for the year ahead. Learn More & Register